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"So the art is made for them to enjoy. Their worldview influenced The Pieta more than yours."

"Don't do that to me!" he shouted. After a while we started kissing. "You've gotten what you wanted.

Dirty office threesome - Brazzers

Dirty office threesome - Brazzers

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Teen girls getting dressed spy cam Babes

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Kigalar 6 months ago
In the beginning of 2016 the Guttmacher Institute and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), reported that the total number of abortions since 1973 has reached 58,586,256. Two years later, today the US is up to over 60,000,000 abortions since 1973. In those 45 years the corresponding US population 45 and under is around 145 million (some stats up to 180m)
Tucage 5 months ago
Funny how appeal to authority is all you can muster. As I said, you'd make a great theist.
Mezigore 5 months ago
I know the word
Zulugal 5 months ago
hate it, love it...I don't care.
Goltikree 5 months ago
Gotta go easy on the garlic or I've got gas for days.
Donris 5 months ago
Mexicans add more to our economy than they take. Stop whining, I swear 15+ years ago some white woman whispered to me "how can you stand to work with all these Mexicans?" at my job in Chula Vista, a stone's throw from the border. What a moronic thing to say, and it's the same vein that runs through all this xenophobic garbage. Disdain of the other, looking down your nose, is no way to go through life
Kajijin 5 months ago
I think people who put gravy on french fries should be sent to Tartarus
Bataxe 4 months ago
I love you too. Anything else?
Kajisar 4 months ago
Many gay Christians disagree. We're living faithfully as God made us and as he intended. My marriage is not a sin.
Jur 4 months ago
Maxine Waters, for one. Chuck Schumer himself called it unAmerican yesterday!
Mikajora 4 months ago
Yes, there are atrocities in the Christian Bible. However, these atrocities serve to make a point: without God, man is helpless to do more than destroy. Do you understand the distinction between the Old and New Testament? The New Testament brings a new promise which essentially serves as the basis for Christianity. Christians are supposed to follow the New Testament teachings, and nowhere in that compilation does it encourage violence. The Qu'ran? Yeah, Mohammed kind of eggs on his followers towards jihad, and the eradication of infidels, to which he is also guilty. Not to mention he marries a literal child.
Kajidal 4 months ago
eating hot dog buns on Fridays (Erisian)
Votaxe 3 months ago
So you aren't going to answer the question, just state more opinions? Is it because you know your argument is illogical and not substantiated by anything remotely factual?
Kigalkree 3 months ago
Do you remember this
Dule 3 months ago
so you're voting Ford then?
Moogurisar 3 months ago
Lol! Yet, you use inflammatory hyperbolic rhetoric and then whine about civility?
Dogrel 3 months ago
I know that I shouldn't laugh, but what are these people on?
Telkis 2 months ago
At least I am not hoping for a crash simply to make the President look bad.
Akinogor 2 months ago
I wasn't expecting an answer anyway.
Dikasa 2 months ago
It was his family, I'm certain what he said to Rob behind closed doors was very different from what he did and said to him publicly.
Gazshura 2 months ago
Uhh. . . Yeah! Not Germane! Not Albert either, and not Tony and not Mary-Anne and not the guy that operates the checkout counter night shift at the Waymart on Oak Street in Springfield, Delaware.
Gorg 2 months ago
You mean what the Bible regards as sin. How despicably circular.
Samular 2 months ago
I do not hate him. I am thriving. I am blue collar.
Vokree 2 months ago
This is a remarkable collection of lies and political demagoguery without any facts. What kind or racism could be in Japan which is strictly monoethnic society? Or in India?
Voodoolabar 1 month ago
It is heavily right wing, but people are people and you will find some on the left as well
Teen girls getting dressed spy cam Babes

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