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Mouth infection pictures

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"I do not agree with same sex marriage but will not get in the way of a legal contract between consenting adults. When do we go to jail? or, how much do I owe you? :P"

Tell me honestly. Now Shweta was getting it without even asking for it.

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Mouth infection pictures
Mouth infection pictures

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Samushicage 6 months ago
God tells these people to buy multiple jets? Seems like God doesn't give a damn about the poor and suffering, only those that need a fresh plane each time they travel.
Fenribar 6 months ago
I am neither Christian nor Jewish and don't have a rabbi. However, the rabbis are all correct in maintaining that there is only one Bible, the Jewish Bible. The Christian Greek Testament is not scripture and is a conscious selection slapped together by anti-Judaistic Hellenistic Gentiles.
Nikolmaran 6 months ago
Working in many different male dominated fields, I've heard it and experienced it a lot.
Mazusar 5 months ago
By far the most commonly asserted argument of the absurd by atheists is the "lacker" argument, followed closely by the claim one cannot prove a negative, and near this is the assertion that they have no burden of proof in entering the conversation about a given god's existence. In fact, these three claims form an often unstated meta-argument which amounts to the idea that they are right by definition, which is as fallacious as any argument offered by theists.
Golabar 5 months ago
What you believe or think, I do not care. Priests were demanded by their Law, to offer kidneys, liver to the sin offering.
Faegal 5 months ago
I am a Christian. I find this liberal think tank study to be spot on.
Dujinn 5 months ago
>>"Don't believe in the Big Bang? Some time ago some people didn't believe that the Earth isn't flat."<<
Tell 5 months ago
OMG... that sounds so good and I am now super jelly.
Kazrajin 5 months ago
It is a birthday present to myself. I like humor.
Jugore 4 months ago
what about a georgeos celebrity? like the guy who played aqua man,, in a muscle shirt ,and running shorts.
Kektilar 4 months ago
in their heads as well, from a young age.
Gogrel 4 months ago
Do I really have to go where they actually discuss it, like a pointy building with
Vudodal 4 months ago
Fine. I would consider myth to be a subset of fiction and have no objection to bible stories being classed as myths.
Mikajar 4 months ago
I read how it is defending something different than the verse in question. It is trying to reconcile previous prophecy with the outcome stated in that verse.
Garisar 4 months ago
HaHa a well deserved one, I'll bet.
Faugrel 3 months ago
Someone has to fund those tax cuts - it's not like spending was cut. Spending on humanitarian aid to low-income Americans, yes. But not spending on what benefits the ultra-wealthy. So who do you think is funding the cuts?
Goltikasa 3 months ago
"and I took the most stable and lucrative one available." Of course you did! now you want to tell everyone else too bad, I didn't join but YOU must!!
Mikak 3 months ago
Looks like he's preaching to the choir.
Visar 3 months ago
That I despise frauds such as you.
Meztilkis 3 months ago
Ever heard of the Bush family?
Goltijin 2 months ago
"ooks like more or less the same thing to any OBJECTIVE observer."
Dokree 2 months ago
why Would you need a creator if you have no beginning?
Vushura 2 months ago
I knew about this story a long time ago lol. But "St" Patrick was anything but a saint lol.
Kazitilar 2 months ago
You been voted out Toronto Liberal!!
Tojakinos 2 months ago
I voted PC.
Nakazahn 2 months ago
Says the guy who called me a moron 15 minutes ago. Talk about "vicious treatment".
Vocage 2 months ago
3 titles in 4 tries...DYNASTY! DYNASTY! DYNASTY!...
Vodal 2 months ago
You are repeating yourself. And he won the decision, 7-2. I sincerely hope more people win court cases to protect religious liberty.
Tataxe 1 month ago
Sucks to have^^^ no intelligent point & have to defend slime.
Neshicage 1 month ago
There are often colour variations within a gene pool. The colour that best suits the environment will predominate but the other colour doesn't necessarily die out. A species of moth in the midlands of the UK was predominantly white though there were a few black ones. The white ones predominated because the trees had white bark and the moths' white colour was good camouflage. When the midlands became industrialised, the trees were blackened by soot. The moth population rapidly changed from predominantly white to predominantly black. After the midlands de-industrialised, the trees went back to being white and the moth population went back to being predominantly white. This is a form of stasis.
Akinotaxe 1 month ago
Ok. No problem. Hope you can Forgive? As no communication is really bad. And I will give up "my hearts desire" for your desire.
Mezikora 1 month ago
What about them? Who cares they don?t live here we do
Arakree 3 weeks ago
I don't depend on anyone but myself, ditch digger. I live in the most competitive city in this country. You need to be the best here. Don't feel sorry for me, I don't dig ditches. PC life? Who said I lead a PC life? A ditch digger? Haha! You like your men with rough hands, don't you?
Gronos 2 weeks ago
I agree we should jail those who hire them
Gagor 2 weeks ago
that was the point.
Mouth infection pictures

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