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"That's the part that I felt was so unforgivable. All the women who claimed assault were treated like spurned lovers instead of victims by her. There really was no good person to vote for in 2016 from the two main parties."

You couldn't even tell what color they were. pundaiyil vazhindha kanchiyai than paavaadaiyaal thudaiththukkondu veeru yezhundhaal. I was in my room cleaning. She did gladly because she didn't think she could stand much longer.

Super babe Daisy takes a load on her ass

Super babe Daisy takes a load on her ass

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Bakus 6 months ago
What? i'm sure those nails in your tires were blown there by the wind... again
Tanris 6 months ago
1. You are still generalizing. Guess you can't help yourself.
Kigajas 6 months ago
Ha! Love it!
Kebar 6 months ago
No.... Actually Jordan and Egypt gave the land to Israel...
Vukora 6 months ago
My wifi doesn't extend to the sauna.
Gukazahn 6 months ago
I don't know, if a silicon based alien came up to me and I thought she were cute, I'd date her.
Jubei 5 months ago
I was asking for source proving...what did you call it? Oh yeah, an "abortion mill". Your source for this?
Brarg 5 months ago
Because You are so attractive that you are out of my class and you can do better. .
Shakakazahn 5 months ago
How did you quote my comment like that?
Dozuru 5 months ago
Mistreated children and animals. Lonely old people. Man's insatiable need to destroy the earth in the name of short term profits. The injustice people face around the world at the hands of corrupt systems.
Mazuzshura 5 months ago
None of those are first century. They are all second century.
Jurisar 4 months ago
Minimally something that seemed to at least not contradict the evidence we see in the world around us, and ideally something that furthered our understanding of it.
Zulabar 4 months ago
This isn't about President Obama, Snowflake. It's about your Tangerine Turd and his merry band of moronic minions.
Mabei 4 months ago
That's pretty much a given for a white man living in Harlem. Honestly,
Kazuru 4 months ago
What's the difference?
Samumi 4 months ago
He seems to be under the delusion that one needs computers and touch screens for porn to be porn.
Vura 3 months ago
Or a fundamentalist christian.
Maujinn 3 months ago
nah, nothing worse than grammar or spelling police. This is a internet forum not a classroom. No points taken away. Content matters. Other stuff not at all.
Mek 3 months ago
"Of course, you've helped shown that one can believe in God and then stop believing in God via free will. Your point agreed with my point so there is no denying it."
Aramuro 3 months ago
I've been educated on it since making the comment.
Vudosar 3 months ago
Ah, the scrapings are my Fondant monument of protest.
Shakashicage 2 months ago
I need to leave for a meeting but when I get back and have the time, I will look at the NDP plan document again. I want to check for all the ways that the NDP plan to raise revenue (in addition to making the wealthy pay a bit more, I believe this is what I've heard her say).
Bara 2 months ago
So much wrong...
Shashura 2 months ago
I'm on the wrong side of 25 now but IRL people still accuse me of being like 16 and attempt to throw me out of the bars. Can't win here.
Arashitaur 2 months ago
No Doofus, it was a Civil Rights provision to stop people who wanted to perpetuate discrimination.
Diramar 1 month ago
So you don't care about the religious differences. What would be a line for you you'd not cross. Would you go to a Mormon church, Catholic, Orthodox, JW? Would you even go to a non-Christian Church?
Akinobar 1 month ago
What's your problem? Be specific...
Moogusar 1 month ago
Suppose we live in a third-class Universe, full of Sinners...wouldn't it make sense we were allocated a god who failed the God Exams?
Vudomi 1 month ago
Yeah, no. Fanny packs should just die. Even fancy ones made by Gucci.
Junos 1 month ago
There are a few bad apples in every barrel.
Kazraktilar 1 month ago
The latest mass murder in Canada (toronto vehicular mass murderer) was a white male who was incel (involuntarily celibate).
Tygolabar 4 weeks ago
You can point out such people with any ideology or belief system. It does not mean the belief system is invalid, of course.
Meztilar 3 weeks ago
It appears Sanders and Nielsen might be on their ways to becoming America's own, modern-day Myra Hindley.
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