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"I doubt "most Atheist come to their beliefs through arrogance". Logic would say it's through education, study, and observations."

"well it was nice meeting you" I said in a whisper "you should stop by sometime" I stroked her cheek, brushing her hair back. And there were never intelligent answers to such questions.

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TAKEN TOO FAR- A Fans Big Cock Stretches My Tight Wet Pussy Too Far INTENSE

He spent most of his time humping her legs. Then he pushed it down all the way and his face was buried in the black big patch of pubic hair. "Take it out!" We did this cycle about thirty times before she flung around and looked at me, dead in the nudjst. After a while of laying down and being tired I said " I love you" and Mika said " I love you too" and my world was perfect.

She was right, when I was in highschool I was the captain of the chess team. "You really wanna do this?" I asked breathlessly.

Michelle's kicking and thrashing gradually faded as she now lacked the oxygen necessary to fight. Although I'm a little slutty I don't dress like one and if I wasn't in my (ordinary, not pornstar) school uniform I'd probably be in tight jeans colonry a cleavage showing shirt.

" She raises an eyebrow. Sometimes that's not even enough, sometimes I have to fuck.

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Blind nudist coloney

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Malagor 7 months ago
"Let me be clear. Your only source for information about Jesus is the Bible in particular the stories in the gospels."
Malkis 7 months ago
and yet, that is just your opinion since clearly everyone interprets it differently.
Zolojin 7 months ago
A circle is a flat 2 dimensional object. Again, I would have expected someone claiming to be a scientist to not lie so much.
Malalkis 6 months ago
Yes, you absolutely are entering into a contract in all these instances, from an economics standpoint. It's not a written contract, but it's a contract. A verbal contract, an implied contract, a boilerplate contract like copyright - it's all contract.
Mazujar 6 months ago
That's Europe's problem too, waiting and not worrying.
Basida 6 months ago
That's why there are locks on the doors
Neshura 6 months ago
YOU did not truly answer it. How did a male god create a female in it's image?
Mishura 6 months ago
My point for this thread was to express my disappointment with the number of atheists who are... just moral scolds. There's something rather joyful about the idea of an atheist just living for their pleasure. "That which does not hurt me, I must do!"
Fenos 5 months ago
False. If that homosexual person is the recipient of taxpayer money to care for his self-caused diseases, then it affects me. When that same person recruits others into his sick behavior, and those others then take taxpayer money, it affects me. When the government take money from me by force if law, and spends it to pay for healthcare for the behavioral diseases caused by homosexuals, then it affects me.
Mazule 5 months ago
Not only is Uber not "great to work for", but it drags down wages in the taxi industry-just like when Amazon comes to town with a mega warehouse and low wages, it drags down wages for all warehouse workers. It would not be such a huge deal, but almost all the jobs Obama created were "gig" jobs. There is no serious government policy to protect labor-except to keep giving the super rich more wealth and power because supposedly they are going to help the world with all their riches.
Zolotaur 5 months ago
really? is Collusion a crime? and how many years and 17 million and what? investing WHAT CRIME!!!!
Fenrigore 5 months ago
Can you name a recent example where Christians tried to force their proven belief system on others? I must have missed that part in Sunday school...
Shakakinos 5 months ago
Son is not known for having a logical point. Ever.
JoJole 5 months ago
yes i have a dog.. a german shepeherd mixed wit a Alaskan malamute he is very fun.. i had him since 2006 so for over ten years and he still runs fast
Kajizuru 5 months ago
"Most accept that there was a real person but deny the miracles"
Motaur 4 months ago
Freemarket extremism is inevitably cruel to the disadvantaged.
Grorr 4 months ago
It appears to me the only people bringing up Trump are Trump people.
Vonris 4 months ago
And we stole it fair & square, but please don't stop whining. Your tears are delicious.
Kizragore 4 months ago
Jeez, do I have to explain this? Really?
Faegul 4 months ago
The ?real? facts. Lol
Akit 3 months ago
1) Pull the lever. One dies. Five live. No change if I know the one tied up on the side track.
Akinolmaran 3 months ago
I would say the written part
Kagataur 3 months ago
And been fiction for 2,000 years.
Shaktilabar 3 months ago
Or refused to serve a non-Jewish person bread because of the possibility they'll make a ham-and-cheese sandwich with it.

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