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"NO...the trans woman should NOT get money, unless there was doxxing by the specific store she went to, and by an employee at that store...and not as a result of any action by the trans woman putting her case in the public eye."

"Think again seex Suddenly there is a tight grip on my crotch that is hard enough to make a gasp escape my lips.

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Eddie hooking up with Monica pt. 2

Eddie hooking up with Monica pt. 2

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Hot college teen sex Teen
Hot college teen sex Teen
Hot college teen sex Teen
Hot college teen sex Teen

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Kigajas 1 year ago
Ok. But lets not pretend it wasn't hitting on that too.
Kagarg 11 months ago
I note there's more racist outbursts in the last 500 days or so. Hmmm. What could have precipitated this?
Shaktilar 11 months ago
YHWH was a bit more of a wine guy, but his mansion has many rooms. One of which is sure to serve Sumerian beer.
Faugis 11 months ago
No, my sarcasm is because what you're talking about ISN'T REAL. No one is "ignoring" Muslim terrorists. We fought 2 wars, one of which we are STILL fighting, ostensibly for the purpose of fighting Muslim terrorism just in the last 20 years. Everyone knows what religion the 9/11 hijackers and the Shoe Bomber and the car-running-over-civilians in Europe terrorists were. Denmark just got done banning the burqa. What MORE do you feel should be said that isn't?
Shagul 11 months ago
I'm not cheap, but I have open slots on my dance card
Zulkirisar 11 months ago
Doesn't matter. You could be a dumb burkha wearing CJ for all I care. What matters is that only Canadian nationals get to vote on how our taxes, tariffs, rules and regs are applied. And we do that by applying pressure on our dumbass, SFB politicians.
Moshakar 11 months ago
I think belief in verifiable evidence itself requires faith.
Motaur 10 months ago
When did you decide to become hetero?
Shaktijind 10 months ago
As if "most of us" refers specifically to atheists or theists. Shall we chalk that up to another lie for you?
Faelabar 10 months ago
I've found them pretty a point. And it's their point.
Akikora 10 months ago
That's not how this works, but...
JoJoshura 10 months ago
HUgs for the pain caused by the unknowing rude people that would say such tripe.
Faer 10 months ago
As I said. It isn?t a real court of law. It?s a tribunal system. No different than the veterinary medical review board or a provincial law society. They have their own internal regulatory bodies, but don?t overrule the actual court system. You are getting too hung up over the term ?court? here.
Bralabar 10 months ago
No, we had a lot of international clout after WWII as one of the leaders of protecting human rights. "My way" used to be the human rights way.
Tobei 9 months ago
That's actually a very good premise for a discussion illustrating the differing qualities of faith and science. You're quite right of course, but the fundamental differences in their approaches to knowledge yield vastly different results.
Arabar 9 months ago
Again, "story" is not an accurate way to describe it. It was simply a list of quotations attributed to Jesus. "Jesus said X. Jesus said Y. Jesus said Z," etc.
Yole 9 months ago
I commend you on your progressive natures, in fact, I believe all religions should follow your points of views.
Guramar 9 months ago
OMG..THANKS Class.. I know what I'm doing later on.
Zolok 9 months ago
No. Put it in a blender and smash all hopes of reattachment.
Negor 9 months ago
Canadians will do it for Mr.Scheer. All he has to do is remind us how JT neglected us for his special interest groups....
Nerisar 8 months ago
Get rid of of tariff's and subsidies which only serve to promote the corruption, cronyism and pander in both our Governments, leaving everyone else on the outside looking in. The crony capitalists do not want trade barriers broken down as it affects their pockets, at the people's expense.
Dizragore 8 months ago
Great rock music. Chokers. Overalls and baby shirts.The Rachel. Terrible eyebrow game. Keanu Reeves.
Banos 8 months ago
Save us from our own sin... sure. So we can live in magic land with god after we die. Someplace between earth and its firmament, and the moon. lol
Morisar 8 months ago
The devil ?? made me do it.?if he exists?not saying one way or the other....
Grozahn 8 months ago
Absolutely. The problem is it's just so rare to find people who don't abuse power --or more correctly, I think many of the situations with a healthy power imbalance don't start off that way. One spouse loses their job, no sweat... But troll for a new relationship while unemployed saying you trust the other person to take care of you, and a person will naturally attract those looking to exploit.
Gorisar 7 months ago
Why respond at all?
Maura 7 months ago
Career troughers. Soon they'll be out of business.

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