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"Sanders went low and divisive. She went to twitter and then to a televised press conference with her story. Biden didn't go public when he was denied service at a bakery because the baker didn't like Obama's "you didn't build that" statement."

" "Please," said, looking very hurt. " "Okay James, but be quick.

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Art erotic blog Explore Random Thoughts, Erotic Photography, and more
Art erotic blog Explore Random Thoughts, Erotic Photography, and more
Art erotic blog Explore Random Thoughts, Erotic Photography, and more

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Jushakar 7 months ago
They had kyrie last year and only won one game.
Voodoogami 7 months ago
Rah rah rah.
Goltilkree 7 months ago
Bolt will be in. The Patriots will need all the help they can get once Tom retires.
Zulkizilkree 7 months ago
So, an Alex Jones offshoot sort of thing, right?
Brashakar 6 months ago
Yes of course, and those of us who are lucky not live in a society dominated by religion, are lucky!
Kakus 6 months ago
Appointed by whom? Appointed by what?
Visida 6 months ago
I disagree with this disagreement bc I've decided to be that person.
Mirr 6 months ago
So you say.
Zulkigore 6 months ago
Where in the Bible does Jesus tell the people to with old their taxes?
Vogore 5 months ago
If i do that i have to log in every time ----tried that didn't work in fact was worse ....Wtf seems to be te problem anyways ?????
Tygogami 5 months ago
Basic needs of a good cult include funny clothes and ritual hanky-panky.
Tale 5 months ago
This is a matter of no importance to US. We Americans fought a war to get these lemming?s boot off our neck. Frankly, Americans marrying into a royal family attaining a title of nobility is regressive, and a national embarrassment. Even John Adam?s silly passing notions of bestowing Americans with royal titles was mocked and rebuked.
Akinoshura 5 months ago
Good to hear Mad!
Dogore 4 months ago
Might as well liquidate if you move. I can see burly biker dudes selling their bikes to neckbeard libbie boys already. On line of course.
Shaktimuro 4 months ago
Nail 1,000,001 that evolution is true. The coffin is starting to look like the throne in the Game of Thrones.
Nelkis 4 months ago
I'm trying to free you from that irrational perspective, bob.^ This is a book of religious metaphors and like nothing can be taken literally. I admit that folks have and do take it literally, but I would aver that is an immature reading of this stuff.
Mezisar 4 months ago
Yes. Thinking for yourself is getting all your answers from one book, and brainwashing is when you read many books and consider many answers.
Zujinn 3 months ago
Just one question: Where/When do I download the pee tapes ?
Mit 3 months ago
What she's alleging Doug has done with Deco and her Brother's estate, however, is easily traceable through law.
Milkree 3 months ago
Something like 64% of us die following one of those other roads. Perhaps he didn't mark the roads clearly enough?
Tular 3 months ago
They may want Israel and her peoples (including children) wiped off the face of the earth, that women are chattel, people who draw allah be killed, you should be beaten with a stick if you drink, and gay people be tossed off the top of very tall buildings.
Yozshukinos 3 months ago
I've noticed that many are very quiet today. It must be all the WINNING and MAGA!!
Tojakus 3 months ago
All of those, Libya, Syria and Ukraine were billed as an organic revolution when they were most certainly not. What makes you think Iran is not under the CIA's influence?
Nikolar 3 months ago
"The vast majority of historians agree that Hitler could only be elected and preserve his political power if he feigned a commitment to and belief in Christianity, which the overwhelming majority of Germans believed in."
Gardar 3 months ago
meh - we hardly worry about "off topic" anymore. If we did there are about 10 people that would be bounced for the personal attacks. :) But yeah, Trudeau was dealt a raw deal with the idiotic trade sensibilities of an isolationist POTUS who is making decisions for his own personal gains at the expense of his country. One of Freeland's better moves was bringing in Rona Ambrose for her advisory council to top up an already highly-experienced diplomatic team. Ambrose is a highly-respected Alberta Conservative that helps stifle the usual yammering from the cons about liberals and trade.
Feramar 2 months ago
Sumerian goddess of beer
Kigatilar 2 months ago
I'm talking from personal experience. I dunno about where you are at, but a truck rental here is $20 a day. As for cash availability, can't help there, except for maybe some craigslist suggestions. We've been overextended ourselves, and had to get creative. I sold my college class ring, my wife very nearly parted with her wedding band with the intent of just saving the stone (I discouraged her). We've sold TV's, Stereos, Computer equipment, had garage sales. We had to get creative to eat. Our latest move took a total of 3 months, mostly one car trip at a time to storage. Again, not complicated, just a lot of hard work. I'm not suggesting it'll be easy, just possible.
Kigakasa 2 months ago
and globalization and the internet....way too easy to offshore jobs today. Automation can cause huge issues too.
Tozshura 2 months ago
Sorry, TFCC...I've said my piece...I just cannot motivate myself other than to dismiss the paper-thin anti-Evo arguments the theists keep on coming up with.
Fekora 2 months ago
That gay couple was trying to make the baker gay?
Mikakus 2 months ago
I don?t have to do stuff, and knowing stuff takes up too much space in my head.
Kazikree 1 month ago
Spirit doesn?t speak. There is no body.
Yozshuzragore 1 month ago
Throw it and you're indeed it. LOL!
Nagar 1 month ago
It isn?t my argument- it is the argument used by people who oppose vouchers.
Art erotic blog Explore Random Thoughts, Erotic Photography, and more

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